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Update July 30, 2015.

After entering hospice at her home in Prescott, Arizona on July 14, where she was lovingly attended by her family (Bob, Eric, and Clélia) as well as the wonderful hospice team itself, Doris took a very quiet leave of us about 8 pm on July 19.

For more information you can go to the CaringBridge website where the family has set up a journal of these days that began with a stroke on the seventh of June. Here is the journal as a pdf, which makes for quick scanning of the entries.

Bob’s meditation on her passing is linked to the photo below, of a favorite view from their home in Colorado

Doris Paintings Index.pdf Etc.

Here is a pdf index of snapshots of almost all of Doris’s paintings in her possession as of January 1, 2012. (These are the framed paintings or those backed and fitted behind clear plastic wrap onto foamboard.) There are as well some 200+ others that she brought back with her from Taiwan rolled up and either backed or often not yet backed, plus a few dozen in the form of mounted scrolls. Link to a Google Photos folder with them.