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Before we moved to Taipei and the Taipei American School in 1988, we lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I taught English and Doris continued to do craft work. Sometime in 1973 or 74 she established and became the first president of the Tulsa Designer Craftsmen, working especially at that time in macramé. When in September 1976 the Tulsa World featured the group’s first major exhibition, called “Habitat,” at the Philbrook Art Center, Doris was befriended by Ruth Nelson, a prominent local person with an interest in setting up a yarn shop in Tulsa’s up-scale mall, Utica Square. This happened, as Miljan’s Knit Shop. The shop prospered under Doris’s management, and she enjoyed giving lessons in crochet and knitting until, after a couple of years, the two women had a falling out that resulted in the shop’s closing down and Doris’s moving on to the kitchen at Holland Hall School. (Within a year she had become the Food Manager for the new Upper School out on 81st Street and eventually Director of Food Services for the whole school as it shifted to that location -- but that’s another story.)

On this page and its sequels I show off only a few of her many and remarkably varied craft creations. She was working in macramé, weaving on floor looms and the upright Navaho, doing basket weaving by coiling, making wall hangings and whatever else experimental came to her mind.

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