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At one fairly grand catering, Doris made good use of our daughter Clélia and her good friend Ruthie Stock, now Ruth Keyes. Below, always smiling Fay Palma brings on the fruit.

Doris was a very popular new feature in the school. The main thing was good food freshly prepared on the premises. She took care of all three schools (Primary, Middle and Upper) out of the MS kitchen. The school administration somehow quickly figured out that she could also cater special luncheons and the like for visiting dignitaries and faculty parties at the start of the year, Christmas and so forth. The parents then saw a good thing too, and Doris began catering out of the school kitchen with the help of her staff. The pictures below will begin to give a feel for the artistic pleasure that she took in her food preparation. As the original Polaroids were rather faded at the time I brought their digital correspondences into this site, the color is scarcely adequate.