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Directly above is a crèche scene our children (Eric and Clélia) did with Doris’s help.

Here is another family history item. At Miljan’s Knit Shop Doris gave many lessons in knitting and crochet, eventually to four obviously gay gentlemen. As they had observed her great facility in this art, one of them asked her if she could, as a present for a friend, knit him a ball warmer. Doris, whose English was at the time quite excellent, was and is still a Swiss native, and this term was not in her vocabulary. It appears that in the course of their explaining the meaning of the term to her, there was a little misunderstanding. That resulted in what turned out to be rather a surprise for the chap who had ordered the product.

In fact, though, he was so pleased with Doris’s work that he invited us both to join them at a local hairdresser’s for an evening party at which Doris turned out to be the only woman. Her creation, for which it appears I was also given some credit, was a big hit.

The family history here is that eventually Doris wove a tough, dark material with which she covered the white on the love seat above. And I used to leave a battery powered stereo on the seat. And the batteries leaked. Ruining the seat. In my now 75 years this is the only time I have known batteries to do this. They didn’t just swell up and look ugly, they leaked their battery acid plain out. I’m sorry.