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More dresses.

Before we moved to Tulsa in the summer of 1972, we lived and I taught at the Hill School in Pottstown, Pennsylvania for three years. Doris, who had been painting as a pastime before that, took up crochet and knitting in a big way, producing a good number of dresses for herself and to sell to a few people who found out what a good job she did. I could never talk her into spending time marketing her skills, and I never found the time to do that for her myself. Her successes have always come just as a by product of word of mouth – selling dresses in Pottstown, becoming president of the Tulsa Designer Craftsmen, selling wall-hangings and other craft products there, managing the Miljan’s Knit Shop, managing the Holland Hall food services, catering out of that kitchen, and even teaching crafts at Taipei American School.