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Doris at work in our Taipei apartment. In the 1990’s when she was also teaching crafts in the Taipei American School Middle School -- see below.

Here is one of Doris’s sixth-grade classes at Taipei American School showing off their pillows. (Woven on round wooden or cardboard frames in her weaving class.)

The head of the middle school told me one day -- it was a time when yet another wave of pedagogical progress had dictated a complete upheaval in the academic structure of the school, about 1996 perhaps -- that Doris’s two extra-curricular craft courses were the most popular her school had ever seen and she would certainly find a way to keep them in spite of the seeming impossibility of fitting them in to the new pattern mandated by “best practice.”  Unfortunately for the middle school, this did not turn out to be possible and Doris went back to just doing her painting.

Here’s a group of same-age kids at work on their inkle looms:

For some pictures of the work these wonderful students did, please go to the next page. If you would like to skip ahead to the part where I show you some of Doris’s earlier work as a craftsman in Tulsa, OK, click here.